Karla Nunez

Special Assistant, Federal Relations

Karla is an experienced business administrator concentrating on business and financial management.  Known for her exceptional management and organizational skills, she has proudly served the University of Arizona in various capacities throughout her 26-year tenure. Karla has built a reputation for developing business and financial strategies, producing new and innovative financial forecasting models to fit the needs of individual departments, and building out training seminars to help faculty, staff, and students better understand the UA business language when interpreting policy and procedure.  As a proud UA graduate, she brings great wealth and many years of institutional knowledge and experience our unit. 

Karla is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Global Travel Professional (GTP).  Under the GTP certification, has helped numerous community and government delegations in Mexico with great success.  As such, she hopes to assist the UA in advancing government strategy in her current role.  Embracing the core values of integrity and growth, she has been the proud recipient of various university service awards, certificates of honor as well as honorable mentions for her work throughout the UA and Tucson community.